Alfa Romeo Returns To America With 3 Super Bowl Commercials



Alfa Romeo is back. Back in America, to be more precise, and the Italian automaker couldn’t be more excited about it, as are we. To get that welcome back party started, Alfa Romeo has produced not one, not two, but three commercials for this year’s Super Bowl (one hell of a comeback, Patriots!). In case you weren’t watching the big game and its famous commercials, here are all three Alfa commercials featuring the absolutely divine 505-hp Giulia Quadrifoglio, which you can buy right now.

The first 60-second commercial is titled "Riding Dragons," and it wants us to reminisce about our childhood dreams and the chance of them becoming realities, with shots of kids playing and vintage footage of past Alfas being awesome.

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The second ad, "Dear Predictable," is literally filled with Giulia QV driving porn. You should watch it.

Lastly, "Mozzafiato," meaning "Breathtaking," is essentially a continuation of the previous one, focusing on the beauty, sound, and power of the Giulia QV. The narrator’s intermittent Italian-accented words also certainly help.