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Alfa Romeo RWD Magic is Coming to Chrysler

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Only good things can come from this.

The sale of Chrysler to Fiat is now complete, but for those who aren't thrilled about this acquisition, there's some very good things about to come that could change your mind. According to a new report, Alfa Romeo, which has been a part of Fiat for years, is currently putting the finishing touches on an all-new rear-wheel-drive platform, code-named Giorgio, that will be used to underpin future Chryslers and Dodges.

The platform is being developed by a small team of engineers based in Modena, Italy, which is actually where Maserati is headquartered. Obviously this platform will underpin new Alfas as well, but the Italian love is going to be shared with their new American friends. Sources also say these engineers are fully confident this RWD architecture will be competitive against anything from the likes of BMW and Mercedes. At the very least, expect to see a new Alfa sport sedan built on this platform that'll be sold in the US. What's more, the platform will likely underpin the long-rumored SRT Barracuda. Take that naysayers!

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