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Alfa Romeo’s Aluminum 300hp 1.8-Liter Engine Coming to the U.S.

Alfa Romeo is coming to the U.S. in 2013 and will bring their small, powerful engine with them.

As Alfa Romeo gears up for its return to the U.S. market, the Italians are working hard to produce the best possible product to highlight their return across the pond. Their new motor is a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder that can put out an impressive 300hp and will be built longitudinally and transversely. The new all-aluminum engine will be "setting a new performance standard in its category." To achieve the impressive output, Alfa has given the engine direct injection and dual variable valve timing.

An important aspect of the engine is that it is emissions-compliant in both Europe and the U.S., meaning that it should make the trip to the States on some of Alfa's new models. "This is an extremely important step for Alfa Romeo, as we continue to reposition our brand and prepare it for global distribution. The United States remains our primary objective as we prepare for a 2013 introduction of our models. The dedication of Group-wide resources to develop specific powertrain solutions for the specific needs of Alfa Romeo is a reflection of the renewed thrust we are placing on the development of this brand," said Fiat's CTO Harald J. Wester.

Alfa Romeo will begin building the engine in 2013 at their plant in Pratola Serra. It should make its way into the new 4C model or the Chrysler 300-based sedan that has long been rumored. Photos displayed are of the 2011 Alfa Romeo 4C Concept.

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