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Alfa Romeo's Baby Stelvio Will Arrive Within Three Years

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The competition should watch out.

Since its return to the US, Alfa Romeo has only sold three models - the 4C, the Giulia, and the Stelvio. The Italian brand plans to expand with seven new models by 2022, including a mid-engine 8C replacement, a GTV coupe, and a few SUVs. Based on the current success of SUVs, we think Alfa would be foolish not to place the emphasis on releasing more SUVs to sit alongside the Stelvio. We already know that a larger seven-seat SUV is in the works, but Auto Express reports that a smaller crossover could be arriving soon.

This entry-level crossover will be on sale within the next three years, alongside the rumored seven-seat SUV. Neither of these new models has been given a name yet, but they should both help Alfa Romeo reach its goal of 400,000 annual sales by 2022. We do have some details regarding the new sub-compact crossover. It will likely be based on a shortened version of the Gorgio platform, meaning that it will be rear-wheel-drive with all-wheel-drive likely available as an option.

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This means it should be one of the sportiest vehicles in its segment, which includes competitors like the Audi Q3, BMW X1, Mercedes GLA, and Volvo XC40. The shortened chassis of this SUV is also expected to be used on the next generation Giulietta hatchback, though we assume that won't be sold in the US. Alfa may be late to the game with a sub-compact SUV, but it is making up for its tardiness with some bold claims.

This new model is expected to have electrified powertrains and Level 3 autonomous driving technology, allowing drivers to take their hands off the wheel for short periods of time. Both the smaller and larger SUV are expected to have plug-in hybrid options an electric range of around 32 miles. Alfa may be late to the SUV party, but it certainly isn't showing up empty-handed.