Alfa Romeo's New Giulia GTA to Take on the M3

It's going to be Germany Vs. Italy in a high-performance sedan showdown.

Alfa Romeo really wants to succeed. We all want Alfa Romeo to succeed. And none of us want to see it sold off to Volkswagen. In order for survival, Fiat is hard at work developing a plan for Alfa that’ll see it sold once again in the US. There will be a range of models other than the ultra-limited 4C. Even better, all of those Alfas will be rear-wheel-drive. That to us sounds like a future BMW competitor. And now Auto Express is reporting that Alfa's upcoming new Giulia will see a high-performance version, too.

The base Giulia will be targeted specifically at the BMW 3 Series. The high-performance variant will face off against the M3. Supposedly, the Giulia GTA will have around between 480 and 520 horsepower thanks to a 3.0-liter bi-turbo V6. Alfa is also going to great lengths to make the GTA weigh less than the M3. Other features are said to include a limited-slip differential and dual-clutch gearbox, both coming as standard. Design wise, the Giulia GTA will be instantly recognizable as an Alfa with styling bits like telephone-dial alloys, that unique front grille, prominent bumpers, and various other forms of more aggressive bodywork.

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