Alfa Romeo's Production Plans For The 4C, It's Not Good News

Better start plotting how to get yours now.

For those still holding out hope that the Alfa Romeo 4C would be a cheaper alternative to the 8C, a more mass market approach to exoticism, we have a bit of disappointing news. Alfa Romeo has just officially announced that total worldwide production for the car will be a mere 3,500 units. For anyone keeping track, that means the car will be rarer than the Ferrari 458 Italia; so much for the mass market. It will be easier to buy than the 8C, but that is cold comfort.

Alfa says that this small number is due to "constraints related to the technical and technological solutions adopted." Translated, this seems to mean either that they will losing money on every unit, and would like to keep the losses small, or that Alfa is making it up to keep demand high. A thousand of the cars will be staying in Europe, with the remaining units spread over the rest of the world. Alfa says it will be competitively priced, but it’s not clear in what segment they intend it to compete. Hard to imagine that something so rare and sought after would be going for the same price as a Boxster.

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