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New Alfa Romeo Supercar Is Coming

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The 8C Competizione could at last see a successor.

It's been a while since Alfa Romeo offered a supercar – since the Spider version of the 8C Competizione finished its brief production run in 2010. But according to the latest, it wants to make one again.

"[On] capital market day, we did say that we were planning on doing an 8C," Alfa Romeo chief Tim Kuniskis said, according to AutoGuide. "We said we're going to build a supercar." Though he declined to offer any further details, the confirmation of a new supercar in the works from such a storied Italian marque sure does sound enticing.

The 8C Competizione was made largely on borrowed Maserati building blocks, right down to its 4.7-liter naturally aspirated V8 and the platform it shared with the GranTurismo and previous (fifth-generation) Quattroporte. Only 500 coupes and another 500 roadsters were made, cloaked in what was widely regarded as some of the most beautiful bodywork ever to embody a modern automobile.

Its place in the Alfa Romeo lineup was essentially taken by the 4C, which remains in production after more than five years now. But the 4C isn't quite the exotic set of wheels that the 8C was.

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Now at this point you might be thinking that Ferrari makes the supercars in the Fiat Chrysler group. But while its stakeholders may be common between the two (and would likely contribute its expertise for this project), Ferrari now stands as its own separate company. Their sister brand Maserati hasn't offered a supercar since the Enzo-based MC12 of 2004-05, and even the Dodge Viper's been discontinued. Technically speaking, that leaves FCA without a single supercar under its entire expansive umbrella. And judging from the latest, Alfa could be the one to fill that particular niche for the rest of the group.