Alfa Romeo Sales Up By 1,190 Percent In America


And it's all thanks to the rising popularity of the Giulia.

Alfa Romeo has struggled to establish itself in America, but the Italian manufacturer has been trying to change that with the launch of the Giulia sedan, and an aggressive US advertising campaign which saw not one, not two, but three Alfa Romeo Super Bowl commercials. Fiat-Chrysler has released its monthly sales figures for March, and while the executives will be disappointed that overall sales are down for the seventh month in a row by five percent, Alfa Romeo's March sales are up by a whopping 1,190 percent.

Alfa Romeo

It's all thanks to the Giulia. In total, Alfa Romeo shipped 555 cars in the US in March - that's more than it managed to sell in all of 2016. For comparison, it only shipped 53 cars in March last year. Unsurprisingly, the Giulia accounted for most sales in March, with 484 units sold compared to just 71 4C sports cars. Nevertheless, the 4C also saw a sales increase of 65 percent compared to March last year. To put things into perspective, the monumental sales growth isn't surprising when you consider that, prior to the Giulia, the only car Alfa sold in the US was a niche sports car. The Super Bowl campaign also seems to have had the desired effect - back in January, Alfa sold just 29 Giulias.

Make no mistake, Alfa Romeo still has a long road ahead before it makes its mark in the US, but this is undeniably an encouraging start which shows its popularity is rising in America. Considering the unrelenting demand for SUVs in America, we should see a similar sales surge when the Stelvio goes on sale too. With a line-up which now caters for both sports car enthusiasts, the mass market with more affordable offerings along with strong advertising campaigns, Alfa Romeo is finally starting to make a belated comeback in the US.

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