Alfa Romeo Says Tonale Will Do What The Giulia And Stelvio Couldn't

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There's a massive untapped demographic just waiting to be lured into an Alfa.

The 2024 Alfa Romeo Tonale is the first plug-in hybrid vehicle from the brand, and it's clear that the car has a less enthusiast-focused mission than past models like the Giulia, Stelvio, and 4C; no wonder why a Quadrifoglio version is unlikely. Speaking with Alfa Romeo's top brass at a first drive event for the new Tonale, CarBuzz learned that this vehicle targets a female audience.

"Do you know what percentage of our customers are female now?" an Alfa Romeo spokesperson asked. "30%. 70% of our buyers are male." Considering that some studies estimate women represent over half of all car purchases and influence over 80% of all vehicle purchase decisions, Alfa has some work to do to increase its female demographic. That's where the Tonale comes in.

"We expect the Tonale to attract 70% female buyers," said Stephanie Goldstein, newly appointed head of marketing for the Alfa Romeo brand within Stellantis.


For a brand that has historically been split 70-30 in favor of men, it would be a huge swing if the Tonale sales split was 70-30 going in the other direction. Will Goldstein's prediction pan out? We're inclined to say yes. The Tonale competes in the entry-level subcompact luxury segment, a vehicle class with a rapidly growing number of female buyers.

To make sure Alfa Romeo reaches its target demographic, the marketing team will create a series of traditional and non-traditional ad campaigns highlighting the brand's renaissance towards electrification that begins with the Tonale. After the Tonale, every new vehicle Alfa launches will be fully electric.

Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo

After driving the Tonale, we can easily see how it would appeal more to a mainstream, non-enthusiast customer that could skew female. It's comfortable, spacious, stylish, and not bad value starting at under $43,000. Audi, BMW, and Mercedes have less expensive options in this segment, but they do not offer a plug-in hybrid drivetrain and standard all-wheel drive, and they come with less standard equipment.

Alfa Romeo is also rapidly improving quality in an attempt to erase preconceived notions about the brand's unreliability, which will be crucial to its continued existence in the US market. The Italian automaker even created a special edition with a baby changing station, a feature that will appeal to mothers.

2017-2024 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Front View Driving Alfa Romeo

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