Alfa Romeo Supercar Coming Next Year

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One more twin-turbo V6 supercar before the EV revolution.

Alfa Romeo is reportedly working on a supercar to celebrate its F1 team, and the death of the glorious twin-turbocharged V6 found under the hood of the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.

Car UK recently spoke to Alfa's CEO, Jean-Philippe Imparato, and he's on a mission to make a final halo ICE car before the operation goes EV in 2025. Alfa recently shocked the world by stating that it will move away from its sporty image to become more rational. This news came via Alfa's UK boss, Damien Dally.

The timing makes perfect sense when you consider that neither the F1 team nor Alfa's ICE engines will be around for much longer. Audi is on the verge of buying 75% of the Alfa Romeo Orlen F1 operation, which officially belongs to Sauber.

Yash Upadhyay/Behance Yash Upadhyay/Behance Yash Upadhyay/Behance

"If one day, I'm able to say 'okay, Alfa Romeo is secure now.' Then Dueto and 33 Stradale are my favorite options for the future. I would like to bring them onto the market. We can dream," said Imparato.

According to a previous report, the Duetto is set to return as an EV, which makes the 33 Stradale the likely candidate. The 33 Stradale was one of the world's first mid-engine supercars, produced roughly around the same time as the Lamborghini Miura. Only 18 Stradales were built.

This is not the first time Imparato has hinted at a modern 33 Stradale, but only a few months ago, he hinted at an EV instead of an ICE powertrain.

What's changed?

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The Alfa F1 team will slowly turn into the Audi F1 team, and on the road car side, the brand will slowly drop its sporty image to produce a series of EVs. This is a far cry from the same brand that built two special edition models to celebrate its short-lived return to F1.

Alfa intends to put some sensible pants on, but it wants to have one last skirmish on the wild side before it settles down with a cardigan and a baby.

A mid-engine 33 Stradale revamp would undoubtedly get the job done, and it would be a fitting goodbye before we lose such an iconic brand to the incoming EV revolution.

Yash Upadhyay/Behance Yash Upadhyay/Behance
Source Credits: Car UK

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