Alfa Romeo Switching to RWD Only


In order to properly take on the best German brands, Alfa Romeo will soon move to an all-RWD model lineup.

Unlike many other automakers who are focusing more on front-wheel or all-wheel drive models, Alfa Romeo has made plans to switch to an all rear-wheel-drive lineup. In other words, that means it'll be the end for models like the MiTos and Giulietta, at least in their present form. A new report is claiming that the switch to RWD is being done in close cooperation with Maserati as Alfa prepares four all-new models that will go head-to-head with the likes of BMW's 3 and 5 Series and even the X1 and X3.

This new model rollout is set to begin in 2016 as Alfa plans to revive its pure Italian DNA consisting of raw emotion and, of course, RWD. Instead of being sort of a "Fiat satellite", Alfa will soon be more aligned with Maserati as the duo work to take on premium German brands. An Alfa source stated that "design is important, Italian flair is important, top-notch quality is important...but it is impossible to challenge Audi, BMW and Mercedes if you cannot match the Germans in terms of vehicle dynamics and driving pleasure." So what exactly can we expect to see from Alfa in the near future?

The same source claimed that there'll be a new 3 Series-fighter Giulia sedan and Sportwagon in 2016, a new 5 Series rival the following year, and two "activity vehicles" that will take aim at the X1 and X3, due in 2016 and 2017 respectively. The all-new Porsche Boxster fighting 4C is due to arrive in showrooms this summer. Also remember that a new next-gen Mazda MS-5-based Spider is also on the way. Overall, the future is looking mighty bright for Alfa Romeo.

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