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Alfa Romeo To Be A Major Presence At Goodwood

Alfa Romeo is celebrating their 101st anniversary this year, and also the 60th anniversary of Juan Manuel Fangio's F1 championship. As part of the celebrations, Alfa will be bringing their new 4C Concept to The Goodwood Festival of Speed this year, along with a few classic racers from their museum. The classics include Fangio's 6C 3000CM, along with a 750 Competizione and the 500 horsepower flat 12-powered 33 TT 12 monster.

It seems odd that Alfa would bring so many cloverleaf-sporting models at a time when they are doing very little in the way of racing, but we're always grateful for the chance to see some racing classics. From what we saw of the 4C in Geneva, it should look right at home among the classics. It is a real testament to Alfa's design department that they can pull such a thing off, and we're eagerly awaiting the day that the 4C hits the showrooms.

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