Alfa Romeo Trademarks Giulietta Name For The US

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Could it be for a new production car? A concept?

We've been hearing rumors on and off regarding the future of the Europe-only Alfa Romeo Giulietta hatchback. But a new report originating from Car and Driver suggests that not only is the Giulietta's future safe, but it could be heading to the US. Alfa Romeo and Fiat Chrysler recently filed a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the name Giulietta. This is not just to keep the name for a just-in-case scenario. The application clearly states an "intent to use." So, what can we expect from this?

There are a few possibilities. The first is that the Giulietta compact hatchback sold overseas could be adapted for the US market, but we're not convinced this is what will end up happening. A more likely scenario is that a completely redesigned car, hatchback or not, will wear the name instead. If you recall, there was a recent rumor claiming Alfa Romeo was planning to offer a coupe version of the Giulia sedan. Instead of calling it the Giulia coupe, the automaker may prefer to give it a personality of its own, including a unique name. BMW did the exact same thing when it split the 4 Series coupe/convertible off from the 3 Series sedan a few years back.

And then there's the possibility the Giulietta name could be applied to a future concept car. Heck, we wouldn't even rule out completely Giulietta being used for the upcoming compact crossover, the Stelvio's smaller sibling. But the fact of the matter is that Alfa Romeo is finally making its way back to the US with an ever expanding lineup. Having a model branded Giulietta, regardless of bodystyle, would make complete sense.

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