Alfa Romeo Upgrades The Giulia QV With Extra Standard Equipment


How to improve on perfection, Part 1.

As well-loved as the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio was by the CarBuzz staff, by our own admission it was also far from perfect. And that’s okay. In the area where it counts most—performance that is—Alfa nailed down the recipe, but there are minor inconveniences that make the Giulia tough to live with. Fortunately these are kinks that can be ironed out with small tweaks that make each model better than the last. Cars Direct is now reporting that Alfa has done just that for 2018.

For starters, the changes are subtle but jack up the price of the base Giulia Quadrifoglio by $1,500. A jump, but not something that will block many buyers who’ve already had their eyes on one. For the extra coin, drivers are treated to two extra goodies that should make the Giulia a better daily driver. The first addition to the standard features list is the the forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking. As the system’s name states, it’ll cater best to distracted drivers and brake the car before they can plow its beautiful face into the vehicle in front while the driver texts the slew of eligible bachelorettes (or bachelors) wanting to go for a ride.

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The second system to get thrown in, a 14-speaker Harmon Kardon sound system, is a huge upgrade to its stock counterpart. The Italians wisely left in-car audio as an afterthought and spent that time and energy perfecting the exhaust note, which we’re eternally grateful for, but the upgrade is something you’d want if spending a lifetime with the Giulia. The Harmon Kardon system usually costs $900 while drivers have to shell out $500 for the forward collision avoider, so in reality it’s as i the price of the Giulia QV has only been increased by $100. Thing is, there are quite a few minor changes that aren't being reported on so openly, all done to improve the ownership experience. Keep it up, Alfa.