Alfa Romeo Wants A Giulia Wagon In Europe: Will The US Get One As Well?


Answer: Yes.

The station wagon is slowly but surely making a comeback in the United States, trust us on that. The segment will never be as big stateside as it is in Europe, but you can't deny that it's on the rise, albeit from rock bottom. (Still counts.) One car that could help further this rise is the Alfa Romeo Giulia. Sources close to the company told Automotive News Europe that a wagon version of the sexy Italian sedan is on the way, albeit only for the European market where those kinds of cars sell like crossovers filled with hot cakes.

We knew the wagon segment was huge in Europe but we didn't know it made up 42% of all premium mid-size cars sold there. (Sedans make up 33% of sales.) Although neither Alfa Romeo or FCA have talked publicly about a Giulia wagon the idea seems to be a no-brainer for Europe. Whether or not such a car would make as much sense over in the US is up in the air, but we think the Italian automaker should test the waters. The reason being is that even with the impending launch of the Stelvio SUV, Alfa Romeo will still only have two models on sale in the land of the free. Yeah, there's the 4C as well but that is more of a halo car than anything else, and it might be on the way out in a few years anyway.

Offering the Giulia as a wagon in the United States would let Alfa Romeo easily expand its lineup while allowing it to steal a few sales from ze Germans in the process. While that sounds like a fine idea on paper the company seems to be against the idea of making a Giulia wagon. Speaking to Automotive News back in July, FCA CTO Harald Wester described the market for wagons as such: "small, in decline and Europe only." For Alfa Romeo the challenge is to revive the brand around the world, which means it can't just think only of its strategy in one country or region. "If you doing what we're doing and revitalizing a brand globally, what you owe to dealers is a constant supply of global products," Wester said.

Of course that quote directly contradicts Automotive News Europe's latest report, which makes it seem like FCA had a change of heart over the summer. Hopefully Alfa Romeo will have another change of heart and decide to bring the Giulia wagon to the US. Worst comes to worst there's always the Jagaur XF Sportbrake.

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