Alfa Romeo's CEO Has Some Brilliant Ideas

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More proof Stellantis found the right guy for the job.

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares recently said he's giving currently struggling legacy brands Alfa Romeo and Chrysler a full 10 years to turn themselves around. It won't be easy but far from impossible. As we still wait to hear about Chrysler's revival plan, Alfa Romeo's new CEO, Jean-Philippe Imparato, who formerly headed Peugeot, is quickly moving forward.

He previously made clear Alfa needs to be managed from Italy and it's been rumored (though not officially confirmed) that the Giorgio platform underpinning the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio will be retired. An all-new replacement architecture capable of supports plug-in hybrids and pure battery electrics is currently in development. Imparato is fully aware of Alfa's 110-year history and his latest idea sounds absolutely fantastic. Speaking to Australian outlet Motoring, he expressed his wish to revive some iconic nameplates.

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"I'm very interested in the GTV," he said. "There is no statement or announcement at this stage, but I'm just giving you a personal feeling that I'm very interested in the GTV." Longtime Alfa fans will further be pleased to hear Imparato also loves the Duetto Spider, the roadster made famous in the 1967 film "The Graduate" starring a very young Dustin Hoffman.

The GTV coupe and Spider were built from 1993 to 2004 and many regard it as one of best sports cars of its era. However, both are niche models and, as was the case with the recently retired 4C, likely wouldn't generate significant profit margins if they were reborn.

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This doesn't mean they'll never happen, but more mainstream models, like the Tonale crossover, and a Stelvio successor are the clear priorities.

"In this time of big changes for the industry, the first priority is to protect Alfa Romeo and drive it through the challenges relating to electrification, connectivity and safety," the CEO added. "I have to absorb the costs and constraints associated with these, but at the same time to bring you some fun." That fun already exists with the just-launched (and sadly overseas-only) Giulia GTA. The next challenge is to combine Alfa fun with electrification.

"Obviously, Alfa Romeo will have to electrify… because, if not, you're dead."

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