Alfa Romeo's Next SUV Could Borrow French Styling

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Ever since returning to the United States with its 4C sports car, Alfa Romeo has struggled to find a major foothold in the market. The introduction of the brand's first SUV, the Stelvio, aided sales heavily but Alfa Romeo is still in need of new models to compete with the likes of other European luxury automakers. Last year at Geneva, the 2020 Alfa Romeo Tonale previewed a new compact crossover model but a production version has yet to be confirmed.

While we wait for that, a new report claims that the production Tonale will be joined by a second crossover model that will be powered by an all-electric drivetrain. This new crossover model does not have a name, at least one that we know about, but thanks to rendering artist Kleber Silva, we can imagine what it might look like.

Kleber Silva
Kleber Silva

The rendering is called the Alfa Romeo e-Stelvio but it looks far more like the Tonale. At the front, it copies the Tonale's styling with a more production-ready appearance but at the back, it is clearly based on the Peugeot 2008. Partially basing an Alfa Romeo rendering on a Peugeot may seem like a strange decision but the inclusion of French design makes sense following the FCA-PSA merger.

Alfa Romeo's parent company, FCA, and Peugeot's parent company, PSA, are currently in the process of combining to become the world's fourth-largest automaker. The same sources predicting a new electric crossover from Alfa Romeo claim that it will be the first FCA car to leverage technology from PSA, hence the inclusion of Peugeot styling on this rendering.

Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo
2020 Alfa Romeo Tonale Dashboard Alfa Romeo

An electric version of the Peugeot 2008 called the e-2008 produces 136 hp and 192 lb-ft of torque from a single electric motor driving the front wheels. In a luxury application, we'd expect Alfa Romeo to increase the output substantially. We doubt the upcoming Alfa Romeo electric crossover will look exactly like a split between a Tonale and a 2008 but with French and Italian designers at the helm, it should look pretty.

2020 Alfa Romeo Tonale Front Angle View CarBuzz
2020 Alfa Romeo Tonale Rear Angle View CarBuzz
Source Credits: Kleber Silva

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2020 Alfa Romeo Tonale Dashboard

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