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Alfa's Definite, Ironclad, Final Return Date! (for now)

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And it will absolutely, decidedly be sold - somewhere.

In true Italian fashion, Alfa Romeo manages to cook up a storm of excitement whenever it makes an announcement - even if it has gone bad on its promises numerous times in the past. We're all very excited to see the marque's return to the US market after 20 years of absence. Especially considering its remarkable 4C sports car, which will be the first to enter American dealerships. So, it is with great pleasure - and quite a few grains of salt - that we give you Alfa's latest final return date: June, 2014.

With that date being just around the corner, surely there should be a dealership and service-center network all set up and running, right? Well, Fiat-Chrysler doesn't really know, or at least they haven't yet told the actual dealers who'll be selling the cars. It could be 'select Fiat dealers,' as stated in one announcement, but then again, maybe they'd work better in Maserati showrooms. Wherever they are sold, the 4C promises to be an exciting little bug, with a turbocharged 240 horsepower 4-pot rocketing its 850 kg body from 0-60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. Or in whatever number of years it takes it to actually cross the Atlantic.

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