All 500 Bugatti Chirons Could Be Sold Out Quicker Than We Thought


Production for the the 500 Bugatti Chirons was expected to last eight years, but that could change.

It's been nine months since Bugatti unveiled its successor to the iconic Veyron, the Chiron, a 1500-hp monster capable of reaching an insane speed of 260 mph. And that's with an electronic limiter - the speedometer goes up to 310 mph. Considering it has an asking price of around $2.5 million, we didn't think it would be a fast seller. How wrong we were. Only 500 Chirons are being made, but in an interview with GTSpirit, Bugatti revealed that 220 orders have already been placed.

The influx of orders has meant Bugatti has had to increase its production capacity to 65 cars for 2017. Consequently, this means you'll currently have to wait three years if you place an order right now. Test drives for the Chiron are also being scheduled for next year, which Bugatti's CEO Wolfgang Durheimer believes will encourage further orders. "I'm confident the customers who have not yet decided to order a Chiron will do so when they have had a chance to drive it," he said. Originally, production of the 500 Chirons was expected to last eight years, but Bugatti says it may reassess this if every car sells out.


Durheimer also reaffirmed that only one loyal customer is in possession of a Chiron in the Middle East, along with a one-off Bugatti Gran Turismo. Imagine waking up to the sight of those two striking supercars parked next to each other every day. Rumors that Bugatti is developing a Gran Turismo Concept-inspired production car were put to rest: "The full focus is on building and delivering the Chirons for customers who have placed an order so far," said Durheimer. It's also interesting to see how Bugatti is rewarding customer loyalty. Initial deliveries aren't being handled on a first-come, first-served basis.


Instead, existing Bugatti owners will receive theirs earlier – particularly those who own multiple machines by the supercar maker. As Bugatti continues to work on production, deliveries are expected to start being sent out to the first select customers early next year, with only five being sent to owners every month after that. The wait for one of the world's most-anticipated supercars must be agonizing.


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