All Dogs Go To Heaven, But Only Some Get To Ride In Jaguars

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These automotive accessories are only for very, very good boys.

It doesn't get more classic than dogs and cats. Leaping Cats, in this case, as Jaguar has rolled out a series of accessories for its vehicles, designed specifically to accommodate the four-legged creatures we know as Man's Best Friend.

Launched just in time for the holiday season, the British automaker's new Pet Products range includes everything from access ramps to spill-resistant water bowls. There's foldable pet carriers as well, along with portable showers and quilted luggage-compartment liners. And they're available for every liftgate-equipped vehicle Jaguar makes, including its E-Pace, F-Pace, and electric I-Pace crossovers, as well as the XF Sportbrake.


The foldable access ramp, for example, is made of aluminum with a plastic center section and rubber feet to keep it in position, and can handle animals up to 187 pounds. (Anything short of an English Mastiff, then. Those can weigh a good 250 pounds.)

The portable shower isn't just for dogs, though. It can be used for bikes, wetsuits, and anything else a Jaguar driver might wish to hose down before putting inside his or her luxury automobile, with an integrated hand pump to supply two minutes of continuous water flow. Sister-brand Land Rover launched a similar range in August.

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"Our customers told us that the comfort of their dogs on car journeys is crucial," Jaguar Land Rover marketing director Finbar McFall said at the time. "They are part of the family and we recognize that. Our new Pet Packs aim to allow dogs to travel in real comfort and make journeys simpler and more relaxing for dogs and at the same time protect the inside of owners' vehicles."

Prices range from $338 for the rear-seat protector to $1,302 for the Pet Care and Access kit (including the ramp, shower, cargo liner, and a full-height luggage partition).

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