All-Electric Ford F-150 Shows Off Dramatic New Face

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Ford has gone for a less conservative route compared to the regular F-150.

Yesterday, Ford expanded on the details surrounding the electric version of its all-new Ford F-150. Equipped with dual motors, it will be more powerful than any existing F-150, and the lack of a conventional engine in front will make it even more practical, as there will be space for a big frunk. But what will it look like?

Well, in Ford's live stream event, a brief teaser of the electric F-150 revealed some of the styling details for the pickup's face. It looks a lot more futuristic than the regular F-150 with a full-length light bar across its face.

Ford Motor Company/YouTube
Ford Motor Company/YouTube
Ford Motor Company/YouTube

Even though the teaser is pretty shadowy, the blocky look and sharp lines endow the F-150 EV with plenty of presence. It's important for the F-150 to not just perform strongly but to have plenty of visual appeal considering that rivals include the Tesla Cybertruck, the Lordstown Motors Endurance, and the Rivian R1T.

The grille treatment, with its geometric detailing, looks quite different from the smoother chrome design as found on the latest F-150. That's about all that could be gleaned from the teaser image, but it's enough to get us excited about the first-ever zero-emission F-150 pickup.


The new F-150 EV will be built at the Rouge Complex in Michigan, into which Ford just invested $700 million, and it is expected to be launched midway through 2022. Before that happens, Ford will continue subjecting the electric truck to the demanding off-road and hauling scenarios that any good pickup will be expected to handle with ease.

Rivian conducted its own harsh off-road testing of the R1T recently, and it's clear that whether you're a fresh startup or an established brand like Ford, it's important to engender buyer confidence for a clientele much more familiar with brawny V8 power plants. The R1T will get a bit of a headstart, though, as it's slated to arrive a full year before the electric F-150.

Front View Ford
Side View Driving Ford
Front-End View Ford
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