All-Electric Honda HR-V Previewed With New Everus Brand For China

Electric Car

Honda will launch more than 20 new EVs before the end of 2025.

Honda is the latest automaker to launch an EV sub-brand alongside VW's I.D. and Mercedes' MEQ brands with the announcement of Everus at the Beijing Auto Show as part of a joint venture with Guangzhou Automobile Group. To preview the brand’s future line-up, Honda presented a new electric concept car at the show. Called the Everus EV Concept, the model previews the first mass-production EV model Honda will introduce exclusively in China, which is being developed jointly with GAC.

According to Honda, the production model will go on sale before the end of the year and will be sold under the new Everus brand. Honda also plans to utilize the model as a “shared EV” through the car sharing service offered by Reachstar. At the end of last year, Honda invested some $9 million into the Chinese-based car sharing service, claiming a 10 percent share in the company as a result. No technical details have been released for the Everus EV Concept, but the design looks similar to the current HR-V. It has similar proportions, and also has a similar roofline, A-, B-, and C-pillars and taillights, so looks to be previewing a future EV version of the HR-V. It remains to be seen how closely the production model resembles the concept, however.

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While the production version will be sold exclusively in China, it will no doubt spawn future EV models in the US, though Honda hasn’t detailed its global plans for the Everus brand just yet. Through the launch of Everus, Honda will be rapidly expanding its lineup of electric vehicles and plans to launch more than 20 new EVs before the end of 2025, including a production version of the adorable Urban EV. This ties in with the Japanese carmaker's ambitious plans for self-driving cars. Having previously announced vehicles with Level 3 freeway driving capability would hit the market by 2020, last year Honda president and CEO Takahiro Hachigo revealed his company would introduce vehicles with Level 4 autonomous capabilities by 2025.