All-Electric Porsche Boxster Spied With Rear-Facing Charging Port

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You'll have to wait until 2025 to get your hands on Porsche's electric sports car.

Porsche's upcoming Boxster EV has been spied at a charging station in Germany.

The sporty electric roadster, slated to arrive in 2025, was spotted charging at an Ionity station in Europe. An interesting quirk of the upcoming sports car is the location of its charging port. Most vehicles have a concealed charging port on the side of the car, mimicking a traditional filler flap. The Porsche, however, has a rear-mounted charger.

This will likely require owners to back into charging port bays for the cable to reach. We're not sure why the automaker has chosen to do this, but it likely has something to do with weight distribution. Another impressive attribute is the charging speed. As seen on the nextmove Twitter profile and its related YouTube channel, the Boxster EV can charge at 180 kW even when the battery is at 53%.


An all-electric Cayman will join the Boxster. Both models will reportedly use a battery layout called 'e-core.' This will provide a low center of gravity and give the driver a mid-engined feel and sensation.

Despite living in the shadow of the iconic 911, the smaller 718 Boxster and Cayman have always been superb to drive, and we expect the new electric replacements to continue this tradition. While it's still camouflaged, it's clear to see the Taycan has influenced the new Boxster EV's design.

However, Porsche has previously said the Mission R concept car will also give us a glimpse into the next-generation 718 models. The automaker's EV range will also grow to accommodate a Macan EV and a secret, yet-to-be-named SUV that will supplant the Cayenne in the lineup.


The Stuttgart-based brand will also debut a bespoke charging network around the same time the 718 hits the scene.

These premium charging stations will provide Porsche EV owners with a first-rate experience. Instead of waiting for the charging period to conclude, individuals can catch up on emails in dedicated working environments or have a cup of coffee while waiting.

While die-hard enthusiasts may lament the arrival of battery-powered Porsches, consumer behavior shows a growing market for electrified models. Last year, the automaker sold more Taycan EVs than Panamera and 718 models in America.

In total, all-electric models comprised 10% of the marque's sales. This is expected to grow in the coming years, especially as more regions enforce bans on combustion-engined vehicles.


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