All-Electric Ram 1500 Confirmed For 2024

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Truck and van brand says its new pickup will "surpass its competition."

Stellantis is going wild this week with EV and hybrid news. We have the new Grand Cherokee 4xe, Dodge is planning for a new electric muscle car and Ram just revealed that its electric pickup called Ram 1500 BEV will go on sale in 2024. Sure, it's a little late to the party with Rivian, Hummer and Ford already in the works, but better late than never.

The company plays heavily on its Built To Serve motto, but adds the suffix "a sustainable planet" and later "the next generation." Ram boss Mike Koval says the brand will push past what its competitors have shown and past what customers expect, "with more range, more power and more productivity."


Koval notes that it seems like truck customers are ready to embrace electrification, but that capability is critical. He also says that Ram is always keeping an eye on commercial and business needs and that electrification is no reason to limit its customers.

As for those customer concerns, Ram notes that its EV will have fast charging up to 150 kW, dynamic range mapping to make sure you won't run out of juice, a charge station locator, EV trip energy prediction, smartphone controls, preconditioning and drive modes. For that last bit we're expecting Ram to follow other EVs with modes for just using the battery, saving the battery, and using both for maximum efficiency.


"In 2024, with full knowledge of what our competitors are doing, we will surpass their offerings with a Ram 1500 battery-electric vehicle built to redefine the full-size segment," said Koval. "We are not following in the footsteps of our competitors, our plan is on track to start production on the Ram in 2024."

Ram says it will offer a fully electrified solution in the majority of out segments by 2025 and that it will deliver a full portfolio of electric solutions for all our segments no later than 2030.

We didn't get any technical details on the new Ram, but if the company claims it will surpass its competitors that would mean beating the Chevy Silverado EV's claimed range of 400 miles and the Ford F-150 Lightning's power output of 563 hp. We'll be hearing more news soon.

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