All Hail the Bus Driving Punisher

Russian bus driver doesn’t take kindly to being cut up.

It’s nosecret that Russia is the most dangerous place to drive in the world, and it’s the window-lickingstupidity of the drivers that’s largely to blame. Tired of being constantlycut up and shown contempt from his fellow road users, a bus driver fromZelenograd has become a local celebrity after his no-nonsense approach to thecountry’s bad drivers. Nicknamedthe “Punisher,” Alexei Volkov exacts immediate retributionon those that force their way into his path – by plowing straight into the back of them.

As with most drivers in Russia the Punisher has a dash-mounted camera and the following video is a compilation of his excellent work. To date he’s had over 100 accidents and has yet to be found guilty of any wrongdoing.

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