All Hell Broke Loose When Two Journalists Snuck Into A Tesla Factory


All this just to see some batteries. Really?!

Tesla's Gigafactory, located in the middle of nowhere in the Nevada desert, attracted some unwanted attention from two reporters recently. According to a Tesla blog post, on October 6th two Reno Gazette Journal (RDJ) journalists trespassed into and took pictures of the factory by climbing over a fence marked with a "Private Property" sign. A Tesla employee asked the two for their names, notifying them that they were trespassing. They declined to give their names but had "RGJ" ID badges and the Jeep they arrived in also had RDJ decals.


A second employee arrived on an ATV and asked the pair to stay as security and the sheriff's department were en route. However, the two journalists decided to ignore the request and walked back to their Jeep. One Tesla employee tried to take down the license plate number and was rear-ended him, suffering an injured hip and cut arm. The driver then hit the ATV the second employee arrived on before striking him in the waist with the Jeep. When the sheriff arrived one journalist, identified as Andy Barron and pictured below, was arrested. He was charged with two counts of felony assault with a deadly weapon (he was driving) and both were charged with trespassing.

The other journalist involved hasn't been named yet and the story is still very much developing. The Gigafactory makes batteries for Tesla cars and the company's Powerall, the battery for domestic electricity consumption. No cars are made at the plant, so we're a little confused as to what these two journalists were after. Regardless, it looks like both of them are in big trouble and rightfully so if Tesla's side of the story is the whole truth. This incident should lead to increased security at the Nevada Gigafactory and the Fremont, California, car plant. Don't expect any Model 3 spy shots any time soon.

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