All Members Of The Hypercar Trinity Have Now Been Killed Off In China

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Someone please save these cars because they are rarer than most endangered species.

There are a host of problems that emerge from rapid and explosive growth. One of these is recklessness associated with the phenomenon that ego tends to grow as income goes up. This best exemplified in the amount of supercar crashes that take place in China. As the newest and flashiest supercars head to rich customers in the East they are being killed off despite already holding the status of being endangered exotics. Everything from a Ferrari LaFerrari and a Porsche 918 to a Koenigsegg Agera have found the graveyard in China.

The latest hypercar to bite the dust is none other than the McLaren P1, which means that all three cars in the hypercar holy trinity are now in China's version of supercar heaven. The 904-horsepower monster is said to cost about 12.6 million Yuan in China, which means that the owner of the 3.8-liter twin-turbo beast has effectively put a huge dent into their $2 million dollar investment. Given that there are only 375 McLaren P1s roaming the planet, the loss of cash is the least of this owner's concerns. Details of the crash are sparse, but Chinese social media site Weibo, which is where these pictures were posted, claims that the accident happened near China's Zhejiang province.

It is unclear whether speed was a factor in the accident, but we would guess that a throttle-happy driver was to blame based on the fact that any gearhead would have a hard time containing themselves behind the wheel of one of these hybrid hypercars. In the pictures the crash looks almost bad enough to render the car as a write-off, but we are optimistic that the fairies at McLaren can get this P1 rolling again after some time in the ICU. On another note, with all of these supercars meeting the grim reaper in China, it may be wise for some of these newly rich businessmen to build some racetracks so that supercar and hypercar owners have a place to safely speed. At worst they'll have a place to safely crash. Photos from Car News China.

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