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All-New “Affordable” Koenigsegg Hybrid Supercar Is Coming

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New model will slot below Koenigsegg's more expensive exotics.

We've known for some time now that a successor to the Koenigsegg Agera RS is coming soon. According to Christian von Koenigsegg, the hardcore hypercar will break cover this year's Geneva Motor Show in March and will be even more extreme than the Agera RS and Regera. However, this isn't the only new model Koenigsegg has in the pipeline. After joining forces with electric carmaker NEVS, Top Gear reports that Koenigsegg is developing an all-new hybrid supercar that will slot below its more expensive exotics in 2020 with an estimated price tag of around €1 million ($1.14 million).

Obviously, that's by no means affordable, but it will cost significantly less than the Agera RS and Regera, which start at over $2 million. Koenigsegg hopes the new model will increase the company's sales volumes from 20 cars per year to several hundred. That sounds like an ambitious target for a million-dollar supercar.

"We've been looking to expand our offering because basically, our brand has outgrown our production volumes by quite a big margin," revealed Christian von Koenigsegg. "We have several years of delivery time on the super-exclusive hypercars we're building today. But we do think if we make a super-exclusive, custom built supercar at a slightly lower price (that's the €1m mark) we could get the volumes into the hundreds."

Koenigsegg's new entry-level supercar will adopt a highly efficient hybrid setup, combining the company's 'freevalve' camless combustion engine technology with electrification. "Given the freevalve technology, we can actually cold-start the car on pure alcohol, down to -30 degrees Celsius, so there's no need for any fossil fuel mix then. The idea is to prove to the world that even a combustion engine can be completely CO2 neutral".

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"I think having a smaller battery pack and combining it with a CO2 neutral combustion engine is a very enticing, exciting, lightweight, sporty solution for a sports car," he added. He also assures the new supercar will look "very obviously" like a Koenigsegg, "but at the same time a slightly different format than what we're doing with the hypercars."

While the company's new supercar's cheaper price and higher production volume mean it won't cannibalize sales of the Agera's replacement and the Regera, it will be "an extremely sporty car" and sit in a new segment that Koenigsegg claims will fill a gap in the market. Color us intrigued. No word yet when Koenigsegg's new hybrid supercar will debut, but it's expected to launch in 2020.