All-New Aston Martin Badge Ushers In A New Era

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It's only the eighth in the brand's 100-year history.

Mention Aston Martin, and two things usually come to mind - James Bond and bankruptcy.

Okay, so the latter was an unfair dig at the famous British brand, but it has been on the verge of dying out more often than not. In a way, it's part of the appeal. You can let the Vantage off the hook for not having a touchscreen interface because Aston Martin's bank account is a bit empty. It's the perennial underdog of the automotive world.

Aston wants to change all that with a new logo, corporate identity, and a healthy investment from Mercedes-Benz, Yew Tree, and the Saudi Public Investment Fund.

Aston Martin Aston Martin Aston Martin Aston Martin

In early July, we reported that Aston Martin was looking around for new investors, and less than a month later, it received the vast $744 million influx mentioned above.

Now that the brand is armed with a massive pile of money, it's changing face to appeal to a younger, affluent global audience. This is the main driving force behind an all-new badge and a new "brand idea." The new corporate identity is summed up in two words: Intensity. Driven.

According to Aston, these six syllables "convey the feeling of driving and the emotional connection drivers have with their cars."

The video below does an epic job of explaining Aston's new narrative. It features the all-new Valkyrie and the voice of Loki, also known as Tom Hiddleston. (We're at least 99.3% sure it's Loki speaking.) Given Aston's current naming habits, a tie-in with the god of mischief certainly makes sense.

Aston Martin Aston Martin

The new logo was designed by Aston Martin's design team and acclaimed British art director and graphic designer Peter Saville. This is the eighth iteration of the brand's famous winged logo, with the last redesign taking place in 2003.

With this new logo, Aston is going the minimalist route. It's a simplified version of the wings; you'll have to look carefully to spot it. The wings as we know them first debuted in 1932, inspired by the scarab beetles in Egyptian mythology. These beetles symbolize a new beginning.

These days Aston Martin is dipping into Norse mythology, with names like Valkyrie and Valhalla. We can only hope that this new influx of cash plus the combined power of its first-ever SUV - the DBX - has the desired effect and saves the brand from its eighth bankruptcy.

Aston Martin Aston Martin

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