All-New BMW 4 Series Will Definitely Spark Debate

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BMW will be previewing the next-generation coupe in just a few weeks.

BMW presented the new 3 Series at the Paris Auto Show last year. One year later, the German automaker is preparing to unleash the new 4 Series, which, based on prototypes we've seen undergoing testing in spy shots, will look sensational.

According to a report by BMW Blog, we'll get a preview of the new coupe next month before it enters production in 2020, as sources have told the publication BMW will unveil a new 4 Series Concept at the show. Originally, BMW was only expected to unveil the new X6 SUV at the show, which broke cover online last month. Previous reports have also claimed a new M3 concept will also debut at Frankfurt, although the 4 Series Concept will preview the design language of the new M3 and M4.


This wouldn't be the first time BMW has previewed a new model with a concept, as the automaker used the same approach with the last-generation 4 Series. According to BMW Blog's sources, not everyone will be smitten with the new 4 Series, as the design is expected to divide opinions.

The new 4 Series will reportedly have a "show-off front" and significantly larger kidney grilles to distinguish it from its 3 Series sibling. This supports comments made by interior design chief Brunco Amatino, who told us the new 4 Series will "look nothing like the 3 Series." Expect the new M3 and M4 to also have polarizing front fascia designs.

Engine options for the new 4 Series are expected to carry over from the 3 Series, meaning it will be sold in 430i and M440i guises in America, with the range-topping model packing a 382-horsepower, 3.0-liter turbo inline-six engine. Inside, the interior will boast an updated iDrive system, a new shifter, digital gauges, and new switchgear lifted from the new 3 Series and Z4. If these reports are true, BMW is going to have a very strong line-up at this year's Frankfurt Auto Show, which kicks off on September 12.

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