All-New BMW Z5 Finally Drops Its Top In Freezing Winter Weather

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Props to this test driver for braving the cold and showing us what the new Z5 looks like with its top down.

Each time our spy photographers send us new shots of the upcoming Toyota Supra and BMW Z5 we are hopeful that both cars have lost a bit of camo since the last time we saw them. Then we open the photos and learn that both BMW and Toyota are still moving incredibly slowly when it comes to stripping the swirling patterns and faux body cladding off these long-awaited models. Fortunately BMW decided to throw our spies a bit of a bone, dropping the top on the new Z5 during a test run in seven degree Fahrenheit weather.

You have to admire the dedication of the test driver. Despite being bundled up in a warm-looking jacket he has to be freezing his butt off. The steering wheel heater and seat heater are probably blasting. But still, seven degrees is damn cold! We'd like to thank the test driver for temporarily freezing as his sacrifice gives us a better idea of what the upcoming Z5 will look like. This is the first time BMW's new roadster has been caught with the top down. It looks a lot better this way. The cloth top will save weight and was necessary to ensure that the Z5 doesn't look too similar to the revived Supra it shares a platform with. Those are both practical concerns but you have to admit that the soft top doesn't do the Bimmer any favors in the looks department.

Unfortunately even with the top down we don't get a better view of the interior. Those head rests look nice…we think. So far the look of the cabin is as mysterious as the final form of the body. Rumor has it that the new Supra will be revealed in full at the Tokyo Motor Show which is scheduled for late October. That leads us to believe that the Z5 will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which kicks off about a month before the festivities in Tokyo. Power will come from a range of four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines. A possible range-topping Z5 M could pack an inline-six making up to 450 horsepower.

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