All-New Cadillac CT6 Flagship Will Be A Beast Because Of This

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Time for a new engine that's entirely unique to Cadillac...or the next Corvette.

Cadillac’s new top dog is actually one hilarious guy. Just check out Johan de Nysschen’s recent "Ask Me Anything" Q-and-A session on Jalopnik. A number of topics were discussed regarding, obviously, Cadillac and its future product plans and European expansion expectations. But one specific quote got our attention, and it regards the recent semi-reveal of the new CT6 flagship sedan. We’ll have to wait until New York in April for the full skinny, but de Nysschen admitted outright a key fact about the new model.

“The lightweight body construction allows us to push the envelope when it comes to powertrain in a way we know that the rest of the industry will follow. This includes a very wide mix of engines, starting with a 2.0-liter turbo, up to, eventually, a high-performance advanced V8 turbo." In other words, Cadillac is working on a brand-new, top-of-the-line engine; it’ll no longer (at least for the CT6) take a detuned version of another GM engine, such as the Corvette’s V8. Under de Nysschen’s watch, it’s clear that Cadillac has higher, more BMW-like ambitions. And that’s a good thing, but also consider this: it’s very likely the next-gen Corvette is going mid-engine.

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It could also get a new engine at some point. Perhaps it’ll be that twin-turbo V8 de Nysschen mentioned. If so, then Cadillac will become the brand sharing its engine with other GM products, and not the other way around. We really like the sound of that.