Special Edition

All-New Citroen Serie Noire Limited Edition

According to a new press release from Citoren, the French automaker has just released the limited edition Serie Noire with the Citroen DS3 and Citroen C5 models. The special limited edition version of the highly successful models features exclusive and distinct exterior and interior stylings. The DS Serie Noire presents a bold and original outlook on this exclusive special series.

The vehicle is fully loaded with customized offerings from the DS3, which includes matte black body paint, a shiny black roof, some 17-inch black diamond-tipped Bellone wheels, a chrome-plated rubbing strip and chrome-plated door mirror housings. There is also a lot of emphasis placed on the interior trim of this special edition, with Mistral/Lama leather upholstery, interior door handle trim and gear lever knob in the same shiny black as the roof. There will be 750 units of the limited edition Serie Noire released.

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