All-New G Power BMW X5 Face-Lift Typhoon


The face-lifted BMW X5 Typhoon combines additions to its exterior with performance that should create plenty of SUV envy.

The Typhoon body kit has been modified to fit on the face-lifted BMW X5, thanks to tuners G Power. Previously available only on the older generation of the X5, the Typhoon body kit features massive wing extensions on the SUV's front and rear, aggressive bumpers with larger air intakes, custom side skirts and front-mounted LEDs. G Power also fitted the carbon fiber hood with vents to accommodate the centrally positioned dual exhaust pipes.

The interior features several new accoutrements that range from a sport steering wheel and speedometer to aluminum pieces. Four packages are available under the hood, each containing more power than the previous package for the X5's 4.8-liter 8-cylinder engine. The SK I features a supercharger and adds 95hp to the X5 for a total output of 450hp and 406lb-ft of torque. The SK II and SK III go up in power a bit, whereas the top of the line SK III RS package boasts an output of 525hp and 442lb-ft. When all is said and done, the X5 can hit 170mph and launch from 0-62mph in just 4.7 seconds.

These are very impressive performance times for an SUV. G Power's BMW X5 Typhoon runs like a Typhoon and looks good to boot. No pricing or availability information has been released yet.

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