All-New Genesis GV60 Arrives With More Tech Than You Can Handle

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Loads of tech and luxury are on offer from the latest Genesis EV.

Genesis has been wowing the automotive world with luxurious cabins, interesting new tech, and just a general feeling of quality. One of the cars that we've been most looking forward to is the GV60, an electric crossover that we've been poring over photos of for some time. But as interesting as the new Genesis GV60 is to look at, we need to know what kind of performance it offers, how much tech is available, and how far it will go on a single charge. Thankfully, the wait for those details is now over, as the Korean luxury automaker has just premiered the finished product.


The GV60 is the brand's first dedicated electric vehicle and Genesis says that it marks the beginning of a "luxury brand lineup that interacts with drivers." Genesis goes on to explain the fascinating design of the vehicle, but we've discussed that at length already; we want to see what this driver interactivity is all about.

As we know, the Crystal Sphere gear selector is a novel experience for drivers, and the way that eco-friendly materials like plant-based leather and fabrics made from recycled plastic will surely feel unique and add to the experience, but there's a lot more to look forward to than a fancy gear selector and unique finishings.


The GV60 boasts interesting new tech that includes a system for unlocking your vehicle using your face. Called Face Connect, the feature is joined by the Genesis Fingerprint Authentication System. The former can recognize up to two faces to automatically unlock the car with a Near Infra-Red camera that can work even in the dark. With this, the head-up display, driver's seat position, steering wheel adjustments, side mirror positioning, and infotainment system settings are stored on a user's profile, meaning that the car will automatically adjust to your preferences after your significant other drives it, and vice versa. The Fingerprint Authentication System adds another cool feature by allowing you to start and drive the car without a key. It also offers an authentication function for in-car payments and the release of Valet Mode.

With these innovations, you can use nothing but biometric information to drive the car.


As is expected with modern cars, over-the-air (OTA) updates are included too. In the past, Genesis used the system to update things like navigation, the digital driver display, and the head-up display, but with the GV60, the scope has been broadened to cover additional software updates on major electronic components like the suspension, brakes, steering wheel, airbags, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). This means that your car can be updated without visiting a service center.

Other enhancements include the addition of Digital Key 2 for the first time in a Genesis vehicle. This upgraded version of the existing digital key allows drivers to open their cars without using a smartphone. Instead, you simply touch the door handle. This digital key can be shared by up to three people.

2022 Genesis GV60 Steering Wheel Design Genesis

Onto performance now, and the GV60 is the first Genesis vehicle to be built on the marque's dedicated EV platform called the Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). This is available as a standard rear-wheel-drive model, a standard all-wheel-drive model, and a performance model with all-wheel drive. Each comes with a 77.4 kWh battery, with the base RWD model capable of up to 280 miles per charge.

The base version offers up to 225 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque, while the standard AWD version gets a 214-hp motor for the rear wheels and a 99-hp motor for the front axle. This gives the mid-range model a total of 314 hp and 446 lb-ft of torque, with a max driving range of 249 miles.

Finally, the performance model gets two 214-hp motors for a total of 429 hp and 446 lb-ft. Max range is 228 miles.

2022 Genesis GV60 Frontal Aspect Genesis

Genesis has added to the excitement of driving the EV further by giving it a Boost Mode that can instantly increase the performance of the vehicle for 10 seconds, allowing for a 0-62-mph time of just four seconds. If that's not interesting enough, there's a Drift Mode too!

For those less interested in hooliganism, the GV60 boasts specially designed "virtual driving sounds" that adapt based on the vehicle's driving mode and speed, as well as data from the accelerator pedal. Three sounds are available, with the first a 'Futuristic' sound "[symbolizing] the direction of future mobility" and an 'E-Motor' sound that "reimagines the vehicle's motor sounds." A soft and sporty 'G-Engine' sound is based on the sounds of internal combustion engines, and drivers can fiddle with settings for volume and pedal responses if they want more or less of these sounds.

2022 Genesis GV60 Sideward Vision Genesis

Other exciting developments include active noise cancellation, an electronic limited-slip differential for better cornering and launching, as well as better stability on slippery surfaces. This is bolstered by MacPherson multi-link front suspension and five-link rear suspension, but it's not all about handling. Preview Electronic Control Suspension is something like what you'd expect to find on a Rolls-Royce, with this system capable of reading the road ahead through the front camera and the navigation system to prepare the suspension system in advance, thus dramatically enhancing ride comfort. For those who want to minimize power loss and maximize efficient driving, AWD models can switch between RWD and AWD depending on driving conditions, so although the aforementioned range figures are claimed only by Genesis and have not yet been validated, we expect this to be an exciting, comfortable, and efficient vehicle to drive.

2022 Genesis GV60 Front View Genesis

Speaking of efficiency, the GV60 gets a battery conditioning function that manages battery temperatures to prolong maximum performance in all conditions. This feature allows drivers to optimize battery conditions while searching for a fast-charging station on the navigation system.

The GV60 boasts a 400-volt/800-volt ultra-high-speed charging function that can boost the 400 V supplied charger to 800 V. When charging at 350 kW with this function, the battery goes from 10% to 80% full in just 18 minutes. If you can't get access to a fast charger, the slow charging function has been optimized too, increasing charging capacity from 7.2 kW to 11 kW.

Like other EVs such as the F-150 Lightning, the GV60 can also be used as a mobile power source thanks to the Vehicle to Load function that supports a 3.6-kW charge - higher than the power supply in the average home.

2022 Genesis GV60 Dashboard Genesis

As for displays, the driver cluster and infotainment screen are linked, creating a panoramic effect. A three-view display is possible with this, allowing you to see various features simultaneously. The infotainment system is the first in a Genesis to feature a Bang & Olufsen sound system. With 17 speakers and B&O's dedicated sound control interface, you can choose a sound mix to cover four moods: Relax, Energetic, Bright, and Warm.

As you'd expect, the GV60 is also remarkably safe, thanks to features like forward-collision assist, lane-keep assist, active blind-spot assist, vehicle exit warning, automatic high beams, driver attention warning, smart cruise control, navigation-based adaptive cruise control, lane-follow assist, a surround-view camera, rear-cross traffic assist, park sensors at the front, sides, and rear, and remote smart parking. Multi-collision brake assist is also included.

There's clearly loads to look forward to, and we hope to soon have pricing and launch info available for you, but it may be a long wait yet.

2022 Genesis GV60 Cup Holder Genesis

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