All-New Jeep Grand Cherokee Coming Tomorrow?

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This will mark the Grand Cherokee's first full redesign in about a decade.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is an undisputed hit in the US market; 2019 represented the model's best year for US sales since the turn of the century, with around 243k units sold. Even still, the current-generation WK2 model has grown quite long in the tooth, having been on the market without a major overhaul since 2011. A replacement is long overdue.

Now, we might finally know when the all-new, next-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee is set to debut, thanks to an email sent out to select customers this week that teases a "big reveal" set to occur on Thursday, January 7.

"The most awarded SUV ever is adding something new to the adventure-a third row," the email reads, inviting individuals to sign up "to be among the first to receive updates and save the date for the big reveal." It then provides a time and date for the big event: Thursday, January 7, at 12pm Eastern Time.

We've known for some time that an all-new Grand Cherokee is on the way, reportedly with bold new looks that borrow from the forthcoming Jeep Grand Wagoneer, an optional third-row, and a chassis based on the Alfa Romeo Stelvio's lightweight Giorgio platform. What we didn't know is that the new fifth-generation model might be arriving so soon.

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Granted, the new Grand Cherokee isn't expected to start production until next summer or fall, and what we don't know about the new mid-size crossover far outweighs what we do know. The matter of what will power the next-generation model line is still a mystery, for instance. A turbocharged four-cylinder is expected to serve as the base engine, with Chrysler's 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 serving as an optional upgrade, but whether or not a V8 or two might again join the fray is unknown.

Thankfully, we might not have to wait long to find out.

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