All-New Mercedes G-Class Caught Testing At The Nurburgring

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It needs more than just off-road skills.

For the first time since 1979, Mercedes-Benz is about to launch a completely redesigned G-Class SUV. Amazingly, the original managed to stay relevant for almost four decades, albeit with regular updates. But those updates can only go so far, hence the redesigned model. As we just recently learned from Mercedes, the new G-Class will be making its official debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January, and we'll be on hand to bring you all of the relevant details. For now, Automotive Mike has spotted a G-Class prototype testing at the Nurburgring.

Why the Nurburgring? Shouldn't a G-Class be proving its worth off-road? Yes, but Mercedes clearly wants this second-generation model to be a performance beast as well. We doubt anyone will complain. Like today, the new G-Class will be offered with a range of engines, including six- and eight-cylinder powertrains.

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From what we can tell, based on this barely disguised test mule, the new G-Class looks a lot like the original. It kind of has to, considering its legacy. It supposedly shares just one exterior part with its predecessor. Inside is where the biggest changes are happening. If you've ever been in a G-Class, you'll remember the awkward rear seating position and, for front seat passengers, the difficulty of reaching some dashboard controls. Remember, the old G-Class was designed and engineered as a military vehicle first and foremost, and was adapted for civilian use. Its successor is a civilian vehicle from the get-go. Passengers will immediately notice the many differences. Expect Mercedes-Benz to begin its pre-launch campaign before the official reveal.

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