All-New Mercedes SL Will Kill The AMG GT Roadster

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But fear not - the coupe remains.

Mercedes is currently working hard to remain at the top of its game as the automotive landscape changes to one that depends heavily on electricity for mobility. This has culminated in Mercedes-AMG changing focus and creating a new E performance brand, something that makes sense given new vehicles will arrive with astonishing tech. But as the company aims to produce more of the vehicles that its customers want, some offerings cause overlap and need to be retired. One such vehicle is the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster, although the coupe will remain. Its replacement? The all-new SL, a roadster that will boast AWD for the first time ever.

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Let's think about this for a second and why it makes sense. Convertibles of any type are inherently compromised when it comes to performance, so the range-topping racer in Mercedes-AMG's lineup need not be offered in a drop-top body style if the SL exists. Furthermore, recent iterations of the SL have been comfortable, relaxed GT cruisers, that, despite their performance when an AMG badge is fitted, are remarkably good at cossetting passengers over long distances. But don't worry if you fear that the SL will just be a fat and heavy cruiser with no performance chops. Speaking with Car & Driver, AMG CEO Philipp Shciemer says that we can expect a car that will be good to drive, as the very first SLs were always meant to be.

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Like the GT it replaces, the SL will be developed under the oversight of AMG, and Schiemer says that this will mean a car that should be enjoyable to drive spiritedly. "Don't forget that the roots of the SL are in racing." Indeed. After all, those letters stand for 'Sport Lightweight'. Sure, the second part has been increasingly difficult for the SL to live up to, but perhaps there will be other surprises in store from the brand. Schiemer continued by saying that AMG is working "to speak to a younger and more female customer base besides out heritage customers" but quickly adds, in true AMG fashion: "We will not be politically correct." Whatever that means, it sounds like now is a good time to keep your eyes on AMG.

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