All-New Morgan Super 3 Looks Like Buckets Of Fun

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Weighing just 1,400 lbs, this retro delight can hit 62 mph in seven seconds.

Following a teaser last month, Morgan has unveiled its all-new three-wheeler. Priced from £41,995 ($56,600), the Super 3 continues the boutique carmaker's 113-year-long tradition of creating quirky sports cars that put driver enjoyment in front of everything else. Morgan says the Super 3 is the company's most configurable model ever, with plenty of accessories and options that allow owners to tailor the three-wheeler to their exacting requirements.

The Ford-sourced 1.5-liter, three-cylinder engine produces modest outputs of around 117 horsepower and 110 lb-ft of torque. But thanks to a dry weight that would put a Mazda MX-5 Miata to shame, the featherweight 1,400 lbs Super 3 can hit 62 mph in seven seconds before topping out at 130 mph. Power is sent to the wheels via a five-speed manual gearbox borrowed from the comparatively portly MX-5.

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The Super 3 is Morgan's first-ever creation to boast a monocoque structure, underpinned by the company's new three-part aluminum platform. While the unseen bits are thoroughly modern, fans will be pleased to see the retro styling has remained. And despite its similar look to the discontinued 3-wheeler, Morgan says the Super 3 introduces a new design philosophy.

Whereas the outgoing model was inspired by the V-twin-engined three-wheelers of the 1920s, the Super 3 was heavily influenced by the mid to late-century, drawing from the jet age. The Super 3 is the brand's first "clean-sheet" design since the Aero 8 was introduced.

Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan

But the three-wheeler is not all old-world charm. Morgan notes aerodynamic requirements have influenced the proportions. Take the aluminum structures seen at the front. Not only do they brace the engine and control the corner packages, but also direct air into the cooling packs.

"Super 3 stands out as something different. It looks towards our past, is relevant in the present, and reinstates a firm vision of Morgan's design future," said head designer, Jonathan Wells.

Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan

Most Morgan owners aren't as bothered about style as they are about dynamics and driver appeal. To that end, Morgan has employed a pull-rod suspension to provide a planted feel in the corners and plenty of steering feedback. The suspension setup is key to this, with the company noting it reduces unsprung mass while increasing airflow to the radiators.

Even the tires are unique to the quirky sports car. Together with Avon, the carmaker has developed a 20-inch tire for the Super 3. Styled to resemble a heritage motorcycle tire with ballooned sidewalls, it is every bit as contemporary as any other performance tire but retains an old-school design. Many would mistrust the stability of a three-wheeled car, but Morgan says the Avon tire fitted to the third wheel was selected after a rigorous testing program to determine the best choice for the rear.

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Morgan knows it's the little things that go a long way. Fine-tuning the controls will be appreciated by keen drivers, with the brand deliberately weighting the clutch with a short travel, to match the short throw of the five-speed gearbox. The pedals have also been carefully placed, to allow for easy heel-and-toe gearchanges.

A mechanical connection was crucial, says Morgan, but that hasn't stopped the brand from enhancing refinement by way of a new bevel box, re-engineered to use a custom tooth profile. This reduces additional mechanical noise but still allows the racing feel to shine through without an overbearing aural intrusion.

Despite the dainty and fragile outward appearance, the brand is promising the Super 3 to be a rather tough sportscar. Rigorous durability testing saw it tackle harsh Belgian pavement and non-stop, full-bore acceleration and braking tests. Together with real-world testing in all conditions, Morgan proudly says the Super 3 surpassed its toughest ever testing program to date.

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The carmaker is particularly pleased to offer customers more than 200 options and accessories for the Super 3. Morgan has worked with several partners in order to curate the extensive personalization choices on offer, including Malle London. Together with the accessories maker, Morgan will offer the Super 3 with fine canvas accessories, including a driving jacket, and a pannier that can be attached to the sideblade.

The Super 3 is the first Morgan to be offered with in-car navigation, using a simple Beeline device to guide drivers where they need to go. Other options include accessory rails, wind deflectors, and convenience items, such as a cupholder or camera mounting points. To further personalize the look of the Super 3, graphics packs will be offered to customers, with five full liveries and seven individual decals up for selection. Lastly, luggage racks are also on offer for those owners keen to do longer distances in their Super 3.

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Morgan CEO Steve Morris said, "We have developed this vehicle at a time when the industry, and the wider world, has been challenged beyond comprehension. Yet our engineering and design teams, along with our project partners, have been able to deliver a fitting new chapter to Morgan's three-wheeled story. The all-new Super 3 introduces new levels of engineering integrity to Morgan, a new sense of adventure to the brand, and a new design language that indicates our future direction."

Immediately available to order, we're guessing numerous Morgan fanatics are scrambling for the checkbook. However, the brand has said it will supply UK and European customers with vehicles first. Deliveries for US customers will commence before the end of 2022 but, in the meantime, American fans of the brand can at least spend some time tailoring the Super 3 to their exacting requirements, on Morgan's all-new configurator.

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