All-New Nissan Micra Gen5 Breaks Cover In Paris

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Nissan's baby hatchback returns for a 5th generation, we caught up with it in Paris.

Nissan's small B-segment hatchback has been around for 30 years now, and we just took a look at the newest one wearing the nameplate, the Nissan Micra Gen5. We must say, it certainly looks less boring than the previous versions, but brilliant lighting, a show atmosphere and funky colors could be the reason. Still, it's really a handsome little car, having adopted the V-motion grille that links all the latest Nissans together, a sort of sign that they're part of the same family. The new dimensions seem spot on this time too.

The appeal of the car will be the customisation, with 10 new colors to choose from and a host of interior and exterior options. Nissan tells us that there are no less than 125 possible style options. The smart interior sports a dashboard that Nissan calls a gliding wing design, reflecting the exterior paint color. It works well on this Energy Orange color, but from experience, darker colors will reflect passing street lights and be a distraction and brighter colors will see additions to your sunglasses collection. On this one the seats were also color-coded on the edges, a cool idea that gives the Gen5 that young and funky vibe, which is the point really, a way to attract younger buyers into the Nissan fold.

The Nissan Micra Gen5 won't be a boy racer favorite, Nissan seems to ignore the fact that B-segment buyers also want performance. It will be only available with two small engine choices for now, a 0.9-liter turbocharged three-cylinder gas engine as well as a 1.5-liter diesel, both of them push out a whopping 90 hp. In the near future there will also be a normally aspirated version. The range will be joined soon after by a naturally aspirated 1.0-liter gas engine with all of 73 hp to play with. Come on Nissan, sort out a powerful hatch, you have all the Renault Clio RS bits in the parts bin just itching to wear the Nissan badge.

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