All-New Porsche 911 Final Testing Involves Drifting, Of Course

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We're only a few weeks away from the official debut.

Set to have its global premiere later this month at the LA Auto Show, the all-new 992 generation 2020 Porsche 911 looks, well… like a 911. You might even be hard pressed to see any visual changes compared to the outgoing 991 model. But they're there. You just have to look closely, such as the new taillight design. Underneath its familiar shaped body, however, lies an updated version of the existing platform that, as rumors claim, can accommodate a hybrid powertrain one day. But until that day arrives, we'll be blessed with updated twin-turbo flat-six engines and the usual and guaranteed to be improved steering and handling capabilities.

In order to make all of that happen, Porsche put many 911 prototypes through rigorous testing, and today the automaker has released official "spy" images of those test mules taking a beating.


Porsche claims it is putting its next 911 "under a great deal of stress" by evaluating it in various climate zones with temperatures reaching as high as 185 degrees Fahrenheit in the deserts of the Middle East and elevation changes spanning over 2.5 miles in the Colorado Rockies. Additional cold weather testing was conducted in the European Arctic Circle. No component is being left unchecked regardless of extreme conditions. Remember, the 911 has always been regarded as the everyday sports car, so must be able to handle the stresses of everyday driving.


"In addition to its outstanding performance, it's the 911's suitability for daily use that has always put it in a class of its own," commented Andreas Pröbstle, Project Manager for the new 911. "That's why we test the vehicle under all conditions, and in every type of weather and region. The vehicles' drivetrain must function as flawlessly as its fluids, systems, operating processes and displays – it's the only way we can be certain that the vehicle is able to travel through all regions of the world without faults."

In addition to extreme weather and condition testing, the new 911 has spent plenty of time lapping the Nurburgring as well as Italy's Nardo track. Plenty of drifting practice took place on a regular basis. Consider November 2018 to be 'Porsche 911 Month' because it's not so often an all-new 911 generation arrives. Chances are there'll be more teaser information from Porsche in the coming few weeks. Stay tuned.


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