All-New QX60 Will Be Infiniti's Safest Crossover Ever

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Its systems have been greatly improved.

While we've been waiting patiently for the 2022 Infiniti QX60 to arrive, the luxury automaker has been teasing more and more details of what we can expect when the new crossover finally launches. We know that it will feature a new nine-speed gearbox and will boast impressive towing capacity. In fact, Infiniti is calling this its most advanced crossover yet. And with the marque now announcing that the QX60 will be the company's first model to feature the new iteration of ProPilot Assist, that claim doesn't seem to be unfounded. In time, this updated system will trickle down to other models too.

Driving Front Angle Infiniti
Front Angle View Infiniti

According to Infiniti, "the latest ProPilot Assist system combines information gathered from the QX60's array of sensors and cameras with navigation information to assist its driver better."

The data that the navigation system provides includes upcoming curves and off ramps, and the sensors and cameras combine that data with their own to help the system react more proactively.

This means that the system can brake sooner and more gently, while steering assistance also feels more natural. The Intelligent Cruise Control system is improved too, and can better maintain speeds going downhill. Furthermore, the stop/start system now supports stopping for up to 30 seconds in stop-and-go traffic situations.

Front View Driving Infiniti
Front View Driving Infiniti
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The system also incorporates traffic sign recognition, with vital information relayed to the driver via either the digital instrument cluster or the optional head-up display. When the system is activated, it can detect new speed limit zones and prompt the driver to accept a change in set speed to match the new limit, or can automatically change set speeds, depending on your preference.

Overall, Infiniti says, safety and convenience are enhanced. We'll learn even more about the new QX60 in the build-up to its full reveal later this year, but thus far, it's shaping up to be a very impressive package that we can't wait to test.

Front View Driving Infiniti
Side Angle Driving Infiniti

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