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All-New TVR Supercar Facing Major Delays

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The awesome new Griffith may not arrive for a while.

When TVR first announced its return back in 2017 with the all-new Griffith, we were ecstatic. The Griffith is everything we want in a sports car: a naturally aspirated V8 engine, manual transmission, rear-wheel-drive, 50:50 weight distribution, and a top speed of 200 mph. Even the sound this car makes is epic, courtesy of a 480 horsepower, 5.0-liter, Cosworth-tuned V8, which is derived from the Ford Mustang.

It has been well over a year since the Griffith was first announced but details regarding its availability have been slim. Due to complications with EU regulations, TVR was delayed in performing repairs to its aging factory in South Wales, thus pushing back the arrival of the car.

AutoRAI now reports that these delays will drastically impact the arrival time of the Griffith. TVR initially planned to start production in 2018 with deliveries beginning in 2019 - now, the company is anticipating a market launch in a little over one year. "It takes more time than we expected to start production, thanks to the rules of the European Union," said Paul Thompson, Heritage Director of TVR. "We are now aiming for a market launch in the course of 2020."

Even though the car has been delayed, TVR doesn't seem to have any issues finding buyers. "We already have buyers for all these cars," said Thompson. "We expect to be able to build the first 500 copies in twelve to fourteen months. That comes down to about ten cars a week. The production rate is later increased. That is quite possible because there is a lot of stretch in the production capacity. We can even build up to 1,500 to 2,000 cars on an annual basis."

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TVR will employ a few interesting methods in order to speed up production, including getting rid of the car's glovebox. This will make it easier to switch the steering wheel from the left to the right without having to move any additional pieces. Once TVR finally gets up and running, we may see even more variants of the Griffith. "On the drawing board, there are designs for a Griffith 'Targa' and Griffith 'Convertible,'" said Thompson. "An SAV, a Sports Activity Vehicle, is also being considered. For now, however, all the attention goes to the Griffith."