All Of TVR's 250 Deposits For The New Sports Car Are Accounted For


How's that for a Cinderella story?

When we heard that TVR was making a comeback with Gordon Murray and Cosworth, we were excited and a little skeptical. TVRs were known for their radical design, lunacy and powerful engines, but somehow that didn't equate to sales. Well, it appears as if TVR finally has the interest to make everything work since it just sold all 250 deposits for its new sports car in just six weeks. Interested buyers were able to place roughly $7,700 as a deposit on the new sports car to secure their spot to get the extremely limited vehicle.

Even TVR seems a little surprised by the turnout. Les Edgar Chairman of TVR stated: "This is a heart-warming situation we find ourselves in. We are mindful that we have taken deposits from customers who have not seen yet official pictures of the car. We look forward to revealing more details soon, and to all our customers who have shown their faith I can promise that the new car will exceed expectations in every way." The level of demand for the new TVR sports car is so high that 2018 is now being quoted as the delivery date despite the first customers getting the vehicle in 2017. Let's hope that TVR can meet expectations with their new lineup.

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