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All-Porsche Drag Race: 918 Spyder Vs. 911 Turbo

Check out this drag race made in Stuttgart.

Things don’t always translate from the paper to the track as you would expect. There are many factors in play when piloting a car on the drag strip, not least of which is the pilot himself. Nonetheless, when Top Gear set up this epic drag race between the pinnacle of Porsche engineering in the form of the 918 Spyder against the lightning fast 911 Turbo, no gambling man in the world would have bet against the hybrid hypercar. 900 hp Vs. 560 hp. 213 mph Vs. 195 mph top speed. 3 seconds Vs. 2.7 seconds 0-62 mph times.

The raw data is overwhelmingly in favor of the 918. But does the result follow? Check out the video to find out.

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