All These Cars Were Caught Drifting Illegally At The Nurburgring

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Yes, it's illegal to drift on the Ring.

In case you weren't aware, "drifting is not permitted" during public sessions of the Nurburgring. That's according to Section two, subsection three of the Driving Regulations for Driving on the Nurburgring. Google it if you don't believe us. But that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. In fact, if we use this video compilation as evidence, it happens quite a lot, especially in the rain and, as a surprise to nobody, BMW drivers appear to be the primary culprit of this crime.

Footage of the illegal sideways action was taken at a particular spot of the 12.9-mile track, presumably it happens elsewhere too. While we can spot a Nissan GT-R, Audi R8 and a couple of Porsches among other four-wheeled reprobates, Bimmer drivers are the main offenders.

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Nonetheless, it's still fun to watch a bunch of amateur Chris Harris wannabes trying to give it the full sideways potatoes at the Nurburgring. An oil spillage from a McLaren 650S caused a 10-car chain reaction crash recently, resulting in the Ring having to close for the entire day. While that was clearly accidental, trying to slide around what is a notoriously perilous track is not. No harm was done in the drifting compilation here, but it only takes one idiot's small error in judgement to cause a major situation. So next time your at the Green Hell, try not to break the rules like these guys did.

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