All this Lottery Winner Wants is a Camaro

One of the two winners of the Powerball lottery could have any car in the world he wants but his first choice remains a red Camaro.

A red Camaro, to be precise. That's the car Mark Hill wants to buy now that he's one of the two winners in the record-breaking $587.5 million multi-state Powerball lottery. Mark and his wife Cindy are from Dearborn, Missouri, a town that's barely on the map with a population of just 500. But things for the 52 year-old mechanic and his wife, who was sadly laid off from her office manager job in 2010, haven't been the easiest until just a few days ago when their lives changed forever.

They are splitting the jackpot with a still-unknown winner supposedly from Arizona. Even so, the couple will be taking home a lump sum payment of $293,750,000. Aside from the red Camaro, the Hills, who already have three grown sons and an adopted six-year-old daughter from China, plan on going on a big family vacation. They also haven't ruled out adopting more children. We suspect that Mark shouldn't have a problem getting his hands on the Camaro he wants, but it may be joined in the Hills' garage by a minivan of some sort... or maybe Chevy's upcoming new SS performance sedan.

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