All You Need To Become The Next Ken Block Is A 60-HP Ford Fiesta

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"Cheapkhana" is here to show the world that you don't need money to be a rally legend.

Yes, there's a pretty good chance we live in a modern guided age, but don't for one second think that it means the spoils of hooning are lost on the general public. While Ken Block's Gymkhana series serves as inspiration for anyone wanting to become a tire assassin when they grow up, those without the means to buy a Ford Focus RS, tune its engine to the stratosphere, and replace shredded tires as if they were as expensive as trash bags might feel left out.

That's where Gymkhana 0.9, or "Cheapkhana," comes in. It's here to show us that you don't need a racing team budget or a cool custom Mustang RTR pushing upwards of 800 horsepower to have fun and make a quality video. All you need is a helmet, a beater car with at least 60 horsepower, and a creative mind to fill in the blanks.

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The 1994 Ford Fiesta in this parody isn't quite the pulse raiser we'd hope for in a video that's centered around exciting driving, but this talented driver makes the most of his low power budget-sending the front-wheel drive econobox sliding around obstacles with tugs of the handbrake every time a steering angle change is in order. The dirt track also ensures that the tires don't take too much of a beating from all that sliding, helping prove that though the best things in life are free, the second best things in life don't have to cost much.

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