Almost All Fords Will Be SUVs By 2020: Here's Why That's Good


If Ford makes more money selling SUVs it will have more money to invest in performance least we hope.

By now you know that SUVs and crossovers, which are basically the same thing at this point, are cash cows for car companies. Consumer demand for these models is at an all-time high and automakers are racing to get a share of the profits. Ford is doing OK with its current crop of SUVs and CUVs but could always sell more. Automotive News (AN) reports that Ford wants to make 13 SUVs/CUVs by 2020. That is not 13 new models but 13 total models. This figure includes Lincolns and recently revealed cars like the EcoSport and Bronco.

Additionally, Ford also plans to roll out an all-electric crossover with a range of 300 miles. This would easily top the all-new Chevrolet Bolt, which has an EPA estimated 238 miles of range and can do as much as 280 miles on a single charge. AN's sources said to expect new crossovers based on the Focus and Fiesta. Lincoln will contribute four cars, including one based on the Explorer. Currently that model is known internally both as the Aviator and MKD. We're partial to the Aviator but could understand Lincoln wanting its new model to match its current naming scheme. All of these new models, save for the India-built EcoSport, are likely to be built in the US in order to avoid a potential import tax.

News of Ford making more SUVs and crossovers is admittedly tough to get excited about. However, the automaker does need to make money in order to build kickass cars like the GT and the Mustang Shelby GT350/GT350R, though. Glass half full: If all these new crossovers are a hit then Ford's performance division could have more cash to play with, meaning a wave of new hot hatches, souped-up Mustangs and potentially a successor to the GT.


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