Almost Half Of 2022 Chevy Corvettes Built Were Convertibles

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Drop-top models proved to be particularly popular.

The Chevrolet Corvette has always offered staggering performance at a price that undercuts much of its competition, but the move to a mid-engine design in 2020 tilted the scales even further in the Vette's favor. Chevrolet has enjoyed growing sales for the car and recently noted that nearly half of buyers opt for the more expensive Corvette Convertible.

The information came out during the 2022 National Corvette Museum Bash, which usually includes various Corvette-themed events and fan experiences. This year's bash took place from April 28 through 30 and featured historic Corvette Z06 demo drives, product demonstrations, and guided road tours.

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Chevy provided CarBuzz with a more detailed breakdown that shows individual trim levels. Most Corvette Convertible buyers chose the highest 3LT trim level, with 52 percent selecting the range-topping model. Another 40 percent chose the middle 2LT model, and just 8 percent opted for the base 1LT.

On the Coupe side, 33 percent chose 3LT, 45 percent bought 2LT, and 22 percent opted for the 1LT. It's worth noting that the Corvette Convertible starts at about $8,000 more than its Coupe counterpart.

Despite its stout price tag and limited availability, Corvette sales are up. Chevy sold 21,627 units for the eighth-generation Corvette's first model year in 2020 and another 33,042 last year. The car has already sold 8,812 units so far in 2022, so there's strong demand for all vehicle variants.

A new hybrid variant and a Z06 are coming, so it will be interesting to see how the breakdown pans out with the new models.

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The breakdown in options and packages is even more interesting than the split between Corvette Coupes and Convertibles. Most buyers - 79 percent - chose a painted roof for their car, while 10 percent selected a transparent removable roof panel. A whopping 87 percent opted for the performance exhaust system, adding five horsepower and an aggressive sound. Finally, 46 percent chose the Z51 Package with FE4 suspension and magnetic ride control, and another 23 percent opted for the Z51 Package with FE3 suspension.

Though we're talking about the 2022 Corvette's sales numbers, Chevy is gearing up to start producing the 2023 model at the Bowling Green, Kentucky facility. We don't know if the upcoming Corvette Z06 will be included in the initial 2023 production run, but its expected arrival in summer 2022 means it should begin soon.

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